Telephony (& VoIP)

VESK is the leading provider of telephony services in UK and we provide solutions to every type of requirements. Our cutting edge technology enables you to utilize the advantages of VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or standard ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) to the fullest extent. Not sure of which one to use? Our technical team will evaluate your requirements and come up with a bespoke solution, for free.

We are equally efficient on hosted and on-premise telephony services. Once we install ISDN or VOIP or both, you will be connected to VESK data centre on your telephone sets. This way you can easily connect with VESK desktop, our innovative solutions for telephony.

You can also choose to run our fully hosted and fully managed VPX (hosted virtual telephone system) that is internally connected to our VESK desktop solutions for business telephone systems.

The telephony solutions we provide are via our hand-picked service partners so you are always in good hands. These leading VOIP service providers have their own solutions, which are different from each other slightly, and VESK will help you to choose the best provider, according to your solutions.

You can always talk to us, discuss your requirements and budget with one of the dedicated UC experts. We will listen to you and offer the best telephony services at unbeatable costs. Talk To Us

“One of the biggest benefits of VESK is that our staff can check emails 24/7 enabling them to effectively work from home which is not only beneficial for them but also for our Clients.”

Stewart StockerLauriston Saggar

“As a small business with no space for servers, this is definitely the way forward and I have no hesitation in recommending VESK to any organisation. Thanks for all your support and long may you continue being head and shoulders above any other IT company”

Jason BlayneTandT Recruitment

“After an extensive and exhaustive review of the available providers of hosted desktop solutions in the UK, we feel that VESK can offer the best service and stability to our customers requiring this type of solution.”

Virtual IT

“VESK matches our company ambitions: to deliver the best services to staff and scale quickly to meet the growing needs of customers”

Mark CameronAstbury Marsden

“We requested virtual desktops and application delivery via VESK’s G-Cloud offering. The services are as described on the G-Cloud website, have been easy and cost effective to setup, support has been fast and efficient, and requests for changes have taken hours rather than weeks. Its exactly what is expected of a cloud based service.”

Andrew WoodDepartment for Business Innovation & Skills

“A very co-operative and a friendly team to work with who thoroughly understand their client’s requirement and provide services accordingly. I’m highly satisfied with the help and support that VESK has provided me”

Chris KentStern Advisory Group

“The Foundation Trust Network are happy they made the right decision with hosted virtual desktops, and specifically VESK”

Robert DobellHart Square

“There have been articles debating the virtues of going down the path we have (cloud) with the consensus being lets wait until its all be proven beyond doubt to have the benefits claimed. They should speak to me because the benefits derived are obvious once you’ve taken the initial step.”

Frank QuigleyGuarding UK