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IT is the backbone of every company, business and organisation. To keep IT running smoothly, you need qualified IT people taking care of the IT infrastructure and operation. The big question is, can you afford the fixed overhead of maintaining a qualified IT team?

VESK has a solution. We provide affordable IT support in all over UK, especially London and Telford. It offers you the best of both worlds, to have an expert IT team at your disposal whenever you need it and avoiding the fixed overhead which might be way over your company budget.

We treasure every customer and thus, our technical team comes to the rescue of every customer in similar fashion. Our IT support is not a virtual experience; you can feel the human touch in it.

Our IT team is our biggest asset. While we have the single largest hosted VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) deployment in UK, we believe the team which made it possible is more important. This proves the merit of our IT support team as well, as this task would require the best hands and brains in the country, which, at VESK, we have.

No matter what it is, VESK “has always got your back” as we cover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 (366 on leap years) days in a year. We deliver IT support which can be relied upon. High availability, instant and ubiquitous presence and complete range of service is available to you, whenever you need.

We deliver process-driven IT support from London but it’s not process crazy. This helps us to stay human and offer bespoke solutions which are instantly deployable. We have strict quality control procedure in place so your tickets are never unanswered or even answered after a delay. Our IT team is, actually, trained to respond to tickets in effective manner to remove any delay.

Our core team is with the management for years now and even prior to that they were in the IT field. This has led to an excellent understanding between the management and the team. What we visualise, our team delivers. That is verifiable from our existing customers.

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