Private Cloud

There are arguments for and against each type.  VESK has taken the best features of each cloud type to provide a unique offering to cover all potential oragnisational requirements.

Private Cloud

A private cloud is a cloud infrastructure that resides either in a datacentre or in the office of the business its owned by.  It’s operated and ran solely for one business and one business only, hence the term “private”. Private clouds require large investment into hardware, Disaster Recovery and more importantly they require a specialist internal team to build and manage the private cloud.  This upfront and on going investment leaves private cloud out of the equation for many businesses.  Most VDI experts will agree that private cloud is unecomincal for deployments with less than 2,000 users.

Public Cloud

Public clouds make use of economies of scale.  A public cloud resides across multiple datacentre’s and allows businesses of all sizes to share resources and make use of technologies they may not normally be able to leverage on their own.  Public clouds have been in use for many decades, are scalable, reliable (if a suitable provider is chosen) and redundant.  The only issue with public clouds is that some business owners are not happy with a multi-tenanted environment.  This is where multi customers will reside on the same platform.

VESK’s Virtual Private Cloud

A virtual private cloud from VESK gives businesses the best of both worlds.   More traction is now focussed towards virtual private clouds also known as hybrid cloud.  A virtual private cloud completely separates your data and resources from anyone else’s BUT the key is that it resides in a public cloud, allowing you to make use of economies of scale.

So, all data is separated for each customer both phsycally and logically.  But the datacentre infrastructure is shared, as it always has been.

This secure data segregation has been accredited by UK Government to BIL4, Business Imapct Level 4.  This means data is seperated to extremely high standards.  So the physical hard disk where your data would reside on VESK, would only ever be used by your organisation.

The latest Government ICT strategy G-Cloud headed by the cabinet office predicts that Governmental departments will, in the future, move toward secure public and virtual private clouds because private clouds will become too expensive to manage and difficult to grow. “Through new security techniques and economies of scale, public clouds are where the future in the cloud will be.” said the Cabinet Office’s CIO.

So with the advent of Virtual Private Clouds, there’s no reason not to consider cloud hosted desktops as a serious contender for your IT.

Computer Weekly recently reported that by 2013, cloud will be a definitive option within the IT toolbox for every business no matter what size.

The Telegraph have gone a step further by saying that from 2020, all businesses will be operating within the cloud, please read this article:  In the future cloud computing will be the only choice.