ViewSonic move to the Cloud

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ViewSonic leads the way in display technology innovation. As a globally recognised leader in visual display technology, with over £1Bn in annual sales and over 2,000 awards globally for both products and services. These awards reflect ViewSonic’s commitment to being a driving force in visual display technology development.

Have you heard the phrase, “you should eat in your own restaurant” ?  ViewSonic are doing exactly that; they have migrated their European staff onto VESK to benefit from a complete end-to-end solution for the organisation.  ViewSonic now access all of their IT infrastructure, data and applications in the VESK cloud, using ViewSonic thin clients across their European offices.

• Retire existing / ageing servers and move to a Virtual Environment
• Increase manageability of IT across Europe whilst reducing IT workload
• Increase Employee up-time and reduce impact of failing laptops / hard drives
• Provide the flexibility for employees to work anywhere in Europe as If they were in the office
• Reduce power costs of the servers and PC’s
• Improved Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

• SC-T35 / SC-T45 / VG2433-LED using VESK DaaS

• Increased security due to all data being saved to the cloud
• Access corporate desktop from anywhere
• High Availability of servers and network resources
• Central management of thin clients
• Staff able to hot desk from any office across Europe and use personal devices

ViewSonic aimed to revolutionise the way in which they delivered their IT Systems to their users, whilst also replacing ageing servers and retire existing PC’s. The IT systems were inflexible, ageing, and in need of upgrading. Rather than investing substantial capital upfront, ViewSonic chose to look at the option of outsourcing their IT environment to a third party and delivering the IT systems to all their users across Europe from a secure datacentre. They also wanted to replace existing laptops which had come to the end of their life with their own thin client technology. ViewSonic’s ultimate was to enable all staff to access their corporate desktop and data from any office across Europe and have high availability servers with improved network security and performance.

VESK provide a Hosted Virtual Desktop which allows all of ViewSonic’s staff to access their corporate desktop and data from any office across Europe. All remote offices and remote workers now use the thin clients to access their desktop from any location, allowing staff to move freely to any office across Europe and continue to work on their cloud desktop. This has saved the company large sums of money as previously every user had been issued wit a high specification laptop and now over 50% are using thin clients. These are more cost effective to buy and use up to 80% less energy than a normal PC and have a smaller form factor.

The newer laptops have been re-purposed to the mobile staff so that they can access the cloud from outside of the offices. ViewSonic also now has the ability to let their staff access their corporate desktop from personal devices as well as IT supplied devices which has increased their staff productivity and allows them to work more flexibly.

Staff were also given the option of having dual screens which has in turn made them more productive. Alongside this all employees use Skype to communicate so having an IT system, clients and headsets to support this was an essential part of this deployment

Tech deep dive

Below, we’ve dived a little deeper into the technical configuration of ViewSonic’s cloud migration.

ViewSonic have their own dedicated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with VESK.  Essentially this means they do not share infrastructure with other VESK customers, however the benefits of economies of scale are still present due to VESK’s VPC configuration.


  • Citrix NetScaler with Citrix StoreFront for Secure Access from external locations (Russia, France, Turkey, Germany, Finland, Greece, Sweden, Serbia and Spain) and onsite (London HQ)
  • Citrix XenApp 6.5 for desktop and application delivery
  • Migration from existing Exchange 2003 environment to new Exchange 2010 build

Application Usage

  • MS Office 2010 Suite
  • Oracle 11 Application Suite
  • Desktop Analyser
  • A multitude of internal Portals that are hosted on servers across the Global VS MPLS Network (US, Taiwan, China, Russia and the UK) that VESK is now connected to, via Secure Link

Future Roadmap

  • Includes Citrix XenMobile and Citrix ShareFile (within 2 months)


  • ViewSonic Europe deployed their own SC-T35 (Linux) and SC-T45 (Embeded Windows) Thin Clients to members of staff in the London HQ as well as 6 Regional Sites.
  • For more information on these specific devices, please visit –

Proof of Concept (PoC)

  • VESK planned and tested a very successful PoC demonstrating the main Line of Business applications used by ViewSonic including Oracle, Java based portals and a handful of smaller bespoke software applications

ViewSonic constantly push the innovation of visual display technology.  For businesses, these displays arrive on your desktop in many forms, but typically they are environmentally friendly, cost effective and innovative.

ViewSonic’s range of thin clients meet the requirements of all businesses at the customers office, home or branch location.  But what about the other “end” ?  To complete the end-to-end solution, ViewSonic have partnered with VESK to offer hosted virtual desktops from the datacentre, delivering the hosted desktop to the physical desktop; a ViewSonic thin client device.

VESK’s Managing Director James Mackie comments:

“We are very pleased to welcome ViewSonic to our growing infrastructure.  The partnership will be extremely beneficial for us because we will be able to provide to our customers another option for a complete end-to-end fully managed IT solution.  ViewSonic’s internal team have been using VESK for approximately 2 months so far and I’m happy to say that all of the pre-testing and planning phase went very well.  ViewSonic’s offices across all major countries in Europe are benefiting from hosted desktops, servers and infrastructure that will allow ViewSonic to continue to grow and further advance their global reach, leaving the backend VDI technology with VESK and ViewSonic continually innovating the front-end technology.  The synergy will be beneficial for both companies and our customers.

Later on this year we hope to help promote ViewSonic thin clients amongst our existing customer base and to offer new VESK customers the option to purchase a fully end-to-end managed solution.  The ViewSonic thin clients will have all necessary VESK software configuration pre-installed so that clients can access VESK using ViewSonic thin clients, literally, out of the box.”

ViewSonic’s European Managing Director Mark Lufkin comments:

“ViewSonic are continuing to hit our strong growth projections across Europe and needed a company that could support and grow with us. By working with VESK we have been able to move completely to the cloud with minimal disruption to our users. We have also upgraded older IT equipment that some of our staff were using, upgraded from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 and rolled out our own thin clients to our users. We are now serving all of our IT users across Europe from the VESK platform allowing us to provide a consistent, excellent performance to everyone.”