Virtual desktop access from a web page – HTML 5


Now you can access your VESK virtual desktop from a web browser.  You don’t need to download any plugins or run any addons.

If you’re visiting an Internet cafe or using a locked down workstation that only allows basic web viewing, now you are able to access your VESK virtual desktop.  VESK web app access is extremely fast and responsive, just the same as a standard VESK desktop.  All complex server operations are carried out at the datacentre and not on the local machine.

Now you can access your Windows VESK desktop and all of your business applications through a web page without downloading any plugins.  VESK web app access logs into your existing VESK session, ensuring your desktop view is exactly the same as you left it, when you last logged in:


The example above shows Internet Explorer accessing the VESK desktop, however any web browser can be used.  The technology used is HTML 5 and VESK are pleased to now offer this to all of our customers.