Amazon Cloud Computing

If you are looking to implement Amazon Web Services in UK, VESK is your best option. We have the best resources, be it the technical knowhow or the years of experience, you are sure to get the best service at the best price. Over the years, AWS cloud computing has been evolving a lot and it is getting more and more tricky for entities to install, operate and even adopt AWS cloud services and this is where VESK is your best bet to handle everything efficiently.

VESK can take over all the process of installing, scaling, maintaining, upgrading and troubleshooting any Amazon cloud services. Our dedicated team are certified professionals who have been carefully selected to give you the best experience during implementation of AWS Cloud and any other services you may require such as Amazon Web hosting.

Some of the advantages of using Amazon Cloud computing are as follows:

Easy to use: Amazon cloud computing is easy to use and implement. We can deploy it and get it running within no time at all. We also offer the possibility to troubleshoot any of your existing AWS cloud services to ensure smooth running.

Flexible: Being stagnant is not what any entity would want and keeping in mind that an entity would eventually grow in terms of logistics and volumes, Amazon Cloud Computing has the advantage of being easily scalable. So, no need to invest in new software.

Cost effective: With all the options available by Amazon Cloud Computing it is surprising to note that it is very cost effective. VESK handles all aspect of AWS cloud and even cater for Amazon Web services in UK. All this comes with a very cost effective package with no hidden costs.

Reliable: The service is so well maintained that there is no downtime. It has proved its reliability over the years with customers all over the world giving their positive feedbacks.

“One of the biggest benefits of VESK is that our staff can check emails 24/7 enabling them to effectively work from home which is not only beneficial for them but also for our Clients.”

Stewart StockerLauriston Saggar

“As a small business with no space for servers, this is definitely the way forward and I have no hesitation in recommending VESK to any organisation. Thanks for all your support and long may you continue being head and shoulders above any other IT company”

Jason BlayneTandT Recruitment

“After an extensive and exhaustive review of the available providers of hosted desktop solutions in the UK, we feel that VESK can offer the best service and stability to our customers requiring this type of solution.”

Virtual IT

“VESK matches our company ambitions: to deliver the best services to staff and scale quickly to meet the growing needs of customers”

Mark CameronAstbury Marsden

“We requested virtual desktops and application delivery via VESK’s G-Cloud offering. The services are as described on the G-Cloud website, have been easy and cost effective to setup, support has been fast and efficient, and requests for changes have taken hours rather than weeks. Its exactly what is expected of a cloud based service.”

Andrew WoodDepartment for Business Innovation & Skills