Hybrid Cloud Computing

Scenario 1:

I need to maintain network topologies and policies, yet I want to move my data and applications to the cloud.

Scenario 2:

I want to keep my in-house non-scalable infrastructure but need to borrow additional resources in future as I will grow.

In both these challenges, you will have one solution, hybrid cloud and VESK is the leading hybrid cloud computing solutions provider in UK. Our hybrid computing and server solutions have smoothened the operation for many organisations. We don’t have a magic solution which works for us and we are known for offering bespoke solutions to our client.

Hybrid Cloud? What is that?

Hybrid cloud is when some of your data and applications are hosted in the traditional servers (often on premise) and some of your data (often the mission non-critical) are hosted on the cloud, making the whole system a hybrid. Thus, the nomenclature, hybrid cloud.

Coming to the usage of hybrid computing, you can push the non-critical data to the cloud and maintain the important files and applications locally. One can also hold the applications for internal use on the local infrastructure while the user oriented applications can go on the cloud for wider reach.

If you awnt isolated space within the cloud, we can easily create that for you. We will define a virtual private network within the cloud and you can easily enjoy the same network topology which you wanted.

If you want the best of both worlds, we can bring it to you. You can always contact us for a free consultation.  Our bespoke hybrid cloud solutions will give your applications unmatched portability.