Virtual Servers (IaaS)

Virtual Servers – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

In addition to hosted desktops, most businesses also require virtual servers, often referred to asInfrastructure as a Service (IaaS), to host their line of business software applications. VESK offers hosted virtual servers directly from our core datacentre infrastructure. The benefit of running hosted virtual servers with VESK is that the server infrastructure operates from the same platform where our hosted desktops reside, resulting in extremely fast interconnectivity between desktops and server applications.

Because VESK’s virtual servers operate from the same technical architecture as our hosted desktops, application delivery is also extremely fast. All virtual servers are delivered through SSDs (Solid State Drives) rather than typical hard disks allowing for very fast IOPs; Input Output Operations.

Running your applications such as high resource intensive SQL databases or other bespoke programs for your business, speed of access and operation will be very fast. Especially when compared to running applications from on-premise physical servers.

Please speak to one of our Technicians for IaaS pricing based on your virtual server resource requirements: Talk To Us