Arrows Group Recruitment


Arrows Group Global is an international TMT and Healthcare recruitment services group, specialising in recruiting technical staff to the Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector, and specialist nurses and doctors to the NHS and Private Healthcare Sector.

Recently named as the 6th Fastest Growing Recruitment Company in Europe (Recruiter Fast 50 2014), working with over 450 organisations on a global basis from offices based in the UK and mainland Europe.

Arrows Group, head quartered in London employ 150 people across their UK (London) and European (Amsterdam & Munich) offices. Their rapid growth has required the implementation of a centralised and fully managed IT system that penetrates deeper than traditional hosted desktops and servers.

Due to the markedly rapid-paced operation of the group, Arrows Group have innovatively developed an in-house Big Data analytical system to integrate their existing software applications into a reporting tool; aiding the company’s overall vista of their internal workflows, business efficiency and customer service levels.


From left to right:
–   James Parsons, Co-Founder and CEO at Arrows Group
–   Adrian Treacy, Co-Founder and COO at Arrows Group
–   Adam Gurney, Technical Director at VESK
–   James Mackie, Managing Director at VESK
–   Mike Perrett, Head of IT at Arrows Group


Existing IT applications migrated onto the VESK platform
Prior to the migration to VESK, Arrows Group were running a hosted desktop and server managed service comprising:
–   Link Recruit; Candidate Database System
–     Advantage Database Server {ADS} Backend, Rich Client front end
–   Tempaid; Payroll System
–     SQL Server backend, Windows Client front end
–   Microsoft Dynamics Nav 5.0; CRM
–     SQL Server backend, Windows Client front end
–   Sage Accounts 2013; Accounts System
–   Exchange 2010; Email Services


The first task was to migrate the above existing applications into a Proof of Concept (PoC) environment to ensure the applications performed optimally. Following the PoC and prior to the migration, a new Virtual Private Cloud instance was configured by VESK comprising:
–   Microsoft Exchange 2010
–     Emails Migrated from existing platform and imported into VESK’s Exchange 2010 Platform
–   Application Servers
–     Covering the above server farm application list
–   Mirrored File Servers
–     All Company Data, and Personal Files were replicated prior to the migration to ensure security policies and user settings remained
–   Citrix technology stack
–     Mirrored Web Interfaces, desktop delivery controller, SSL/STA/XML brokers, XenApp Farm datastores etc.

The above Cloud infrastructure follows the standard protocol for migrating customers onto the VESK cloud desktop platform. Migration plans were agreed between VESK’s migration team and Arrows Group’s Senior Management.


Elements introduced since March 2013 (Post-GoLive)
Following the cloud migration and a number of system configuration changes, Arrows Group required further development of their IT platform. This consisted of implementing:
–   BullHorn
–     Used by the TMT Division in London after a European Test Phase – July 2013
–   Voyager VDQ!
–     Healthcare Recruitment Candidate System – September 2013
–     SQL Server Backend
–   Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
–     SQL Server Backend
–   Voyager Mid-Office
–     SQL Server Backend
–     Accounts Application – February 2014


Onsite Hardware and 1st Line Support
For Corporate and Social Responsibility and for ease of access, Arrows Group chose to implement HP Thin Client Devices; T5545, T5630W, T5000, T5540 and the most recent T510 running Windows Embedded OS.
The onsite IT support and Out of Hours 1st Line Support has been managed by Keybridge IT;


Why choose Cloud ?
Migrating Arrows Group’s applications to VESK allows remote offices to work on a single and centralised IT system. More prevalently all of Arrows Group’s applications are centralised so they can be integrated, consolidated and coalesced using Big Data analytics.
Arrows Group have an extremely resilient infrastructure, not only using VESK’s hourly backup and multi-tiered distributed datacentre architecture but adding additional mirrored SQL servers for next level Business Continuity Planning.

Compared to on-premise IT, Arrows Group would have required an IT Team of Virtualisation, Network, Server / SAN, VDI, Windows and application specialists, including the upfront and ongoing investment of hardware; spending more time focussing on IT rather than their core business. More and more businesses are moving their IT into the Cloud for the guaranteed uptime SLA which is difficult to match when building on-premise IT infrastructures.


VESK comments
“Arrows Group are one of the hardest working teams of professionals I have come across. They pay extreme attention to detail, they work around the clock and are constantly striving to grow their IT systems to enable them to become world class leaders in their sector.
From what I have seen, I am certain this will happen with the enthusiasm and exhaustive hard work I’ve seen the Arrows Group management team put in.”
James Mackie; Managing Director at VESK


Arrows Group Comments
“At Arrows Group we’re continuing to hit and exceed our strong growth projections, adding many new members of staff to the team. Our systems need to meet the additional demands placed on them. In my role as Head of IT, VESK provide not only a stable platform I can rely on to deliver core office systems, but their ongoing support frees up my time to concentrate on working with software vendors to tailor their products to our needs.”
Mike Perrett; Head of IT at Arrows Group