Access Anywhere

Anywhere, Any Time

Because your desktop is hosted and managed in the secure VESK cloud, you can work from anywhere, any time and on any device.

Not only can you and your team access your files from home or on the move, you can also access all of your programs inside your virtual desktop, just as if you were sat at your desk in the office.  You can allow or restrict folder permissions and times of access for specific users.

Many businesses are benefiting from increased productivity and loyalty by affording staff flexible working arrangements. But, providing staff with secure & reliable access to company data whilst at home or on the move can prove a challenge, requiring employees to “dial in” and office equipment to be left on. VESK allows users to access their virtual desktop anywhere in the world, from any web enabled device with an Internet connection and without servers or computers being left on in the office.

HOMEAt Home – Employees working from home can access their VESK virtual desktop just as if they were sat at their desk in the office using a laptop, Mac, PC, mobile device or a cost efficient thin client. Workforce downtime due to adverse weather or sickness for example can be managed much more effectively.

On Holiday – Often is the case an important document needs to be accessed whilst on holiday or abroad on business. VESK has fast backbone connections to most countries outside of the UK allowing your staff to work from their VESK desktop, fast and efficiently, from almost any location.

Branch Offices – Users from branch offices can collaborate, working together to share programs and data removing the need for site-to-site connectivity or VPN’s. Because your company desktops are managed in the VESK cloud, all users can share and collaborate information and even resources. Internal data communications are extremely fast and users can move seamlessly between offices.

On the Move – VESK can be accessed through any device with an Internet connection including blackberries, smartphones, tablets and PDAs giving you access to your VESK desktop whenever you need it. Read more

Sharing Information – Traditionally file sharing can be an issue for remote users. Whilst smaller files can be emailed, larger files need to be uploaded to a common work space in order to be shared between employees which can be time consuming and unreliable. VESK stores all data centrally and so large files can be shared in a matter of seconds, regardless of file size or employee location.

Controlled Access for Remote Users – Because some of your information may be sensitive, you may want to restrict access to certain users and log-on times, whether in the office or off site. VESK allows you to decide who sees what and when, giving you peace of mind that company data reaches only the individuals who need it.