Any Device

Work from any device

VESK is device agnostic, allowing you to work from any device, anywhere and any time.

You can access VESK from a PC, laptop, Mac, iPad, iPhone, tablet, Android device, thin client and practically any smart phone.

One of the powerful features of VESK is that once you have your device connected, you can access all of your data, applications and emails from the VESK desktop, even if the particular device you are working from does not support your applications natively.



The well known iPad fits your Windows desktop nicely within the iPad screen and gives you full access to your desktop and all of your emails, files and programs from a touch screen interface. Accessing VESK from an iPad allows you to benefit from a hosted Windows desktops; bringing more power to your finger tips such as Flash movie content redirection and increased data access and storage, something not natively permitted on the iPad.

Mobile Devices

It’s predicted that by 2015, 50% of all web traffic will emanate from a mobile device. Whilst mobile devices will never takeover a full sized keyboard and monitor, it’s important for you to be able to access your desktop on the move. VESK supports all smart phone devices and almost all tablets and laptops.

Thin Clients

Because the processing of your VESK desktop takes place at the datacentre, the resource requirements of your computer terminals are less than typically required compared to running software applications locally. This means you can access VESK from low powered, energy efficient thin clients.