Cost Effective

Consolidate your IT costs

In today’s economic climate, cost is an extremely important consideration to factor in to any area of your business, especially when that area is IT.  The investment required for VESK when compared to your existing overall IT costs, should be less.

Most businesses do not realise collectively how much they pay for their IT, with VESK every item listed below is included:

  • 24/7 IT Support
  • Server hardware renewal
  • PC desktop maintenance and renewal
  • Microsoft Office licensing
  • Windows Server and Exchange licensing
  • Anti virus and anti spam
  • Offsite backup and/or disaster recovery
  • Software upgrades, annual renewals, patch management and server updates

VESK’s commercial model is based on OpEx rather than CapEx so you will experience very little cost moving across to VESK and can budget a fixed monthly cost for the future.

VESK supports thousands of users and through economies of scale we are able to leverage a highly technologically advanced platform to our users that may be sometimes otherwise unaffordable.

A few more reasons why hosted desktops are cost effective:

Thin clients; The use of thin clients internally results in a heavily reduced cost on workstations and management of those workstations.

Old computers;  Because the processing of your desktop is carried out on powerful servers in our datacentres, you can run VESK from old computers without the need to upgrade.

Software Assurance; All IT support and updates are included free with VESK so you don’t need to factor in costs for upgrading to the latest version of Office or Windows for example.  Neither do you have to increase your internal or outsourced IT support team as your business grows. Read more about the VESK package

IT Support & IT Staff; VESK includes full 24/7 IT support to fit the needs of most businesses. Overheads can be considerably reduced by removing the need to pay for IT support separately, or if you have in-house IT staff, reduce their number or free up their time to work on more business focused projects.

Servers; On average, businesses upgrade their servers every three years, which can be costly. With VESK there’s no need to buy new servers as all of your data is stored in our secure datacentres.

Software Licenses; VESK comes with a standard software suite including Microsoft Office, Windows, Exchange, anti-virus and anti-spam so you no longer need to pay for these packages, or upgrade them.

Back Ups; All of your data is automatically backed up and replicated across our 4 UK datacentres, giving you peace of mind and removing the need for you to invest in expensive Disaster Recovery plans or managing back ups internally.

Anti-Virus; VESK comes with the latest anti-virus and anti-spam software as standard, giving you complete protection and removing the need for you to pay for the software yourself.

Desktop PC’s; VESK uses high power servers based in our datacentres removing the need for servers or powerful computers in your office. Instead, you can use low cost “thin clients” as a viewing tool to access VESK in your office as well as accessing VESK on the move from laptops and even Blackberries and iPhones.

Power Consumption; The average on premise server utilises around £100 of electricity per year. Removing the need for onsite servers and powerful PCs will save you money on electricity, and help to cut carbon emissions too.

Contract Staff; If you employ temp staff or contractors from time to time, we can set up a VESK account for them in less than one hour. If you supply their names, programs and files they require access to, you can integrate contract workers to your organisation quickly and easily, without the need to buy new equipment or to spend time creating new user accounts, access to network drives, printers etc. Contract user accounts can be added on daily, weekly or monthly rates.

Monthly Payment; With our simple monthly payment plan, you can budget for the future with confidence. Our monthly per user billing removes any large upfront capital expenditure, allowing you to channel greater resource into growing your business.