Thin Clients

Using Thin Clients

Thin Clients consume on average, 90% less power than traditional Personal Computers.  They cost less to purchase and last longer than regular PCs because they do not contain any moving parts.

VESK have partnered with all major thin client distributors to offer you the best thin client solution for your business:


The way in which we use computers to access the Internet is evolving.

Thin Clients are slimmed down versions of traditional ‘fatter’ computers. They contain less physical resources such as memory (RAM), and processing power (CPU) and they do not contain any internal storage or hard disk space.  With VESK, your local hard drive is obsolete because you do not save data locally, it’s all stored in the VESK cloud.

You can access VESK from a thin client device.  Because all of the resource intensive processing is carried out on VESK’s powerful severs in the datacentre, a thin client merely acts as a connection device to the Internet, because the VESK model removes the processing power requirements from the end user’s computer.  Once connected, you can access all of your data, programs and applications as you normally would.

Other benefits to implementing thin clients are:

  • Reduce your CO2 emissions
  • Reduce your energy costs
  • Reduce carbon taxes
  • Increased security
  • Cheaper to purchase
  • Cheaper to replace
  • Physically smaller in size

So there aren’t many downsides to using thin clients compared to traditional PCs.  Security is another benefit; if someone steals a thin client from your company, your data will not go with it.

Typically if a thin client fails, it’s easier and more cost effective to simply replace it rather than repair it.  We manage thousands of thin clients and to date, we’ve not had a single thin client fail.  VESK resell all thin clients listed below, ranging from a 90 – 95% reduction in electricity:

  • 10Zig
  • Wyse
  • HP
  • iGel

Please ask if you are interested in other thin client manufacturers.  VESK is pre-installed on each of the above manufacturers devices, allowing you to connect to VESK ‘out of the box’.

Growing pressure is on businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and many businesses now have a corporate and social responsibility (CSR) to be seen as green. Sustainability is achieved by acting now to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption. VESK users can reduce their IT power consumption overnight by at least 90%. Unsurprisingly the largest consumption of energy in business are computers. Therefore reducing computer power consumption by 90% can reduce overall electricity bills more than any other form of carbon offsetting.

VESK cloud computing is the most environmentally friendly form of computing.