Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is an alternative to traditional server-based IT solutions.

Instead of the files and software that make up your employees’ desktop environment being stored and managed locally on expensive hardware, they are hosted in the cloud, and accessed remotely. This means that users can access their normal, familiar desktop from any location, using anything from a laptop to a smartphone. It also means that your organisation can manage the environment centrally, instead of worrying about updates and security fixes on each individual machine.

Moving to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) will allow you to reduce your IT costs and respond to a fast-changing business climate with greater agility. The best way understand how VDI works is to trial a demo desktop for free:


Is There a Difference Between Desktop Virtualisation and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Although these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there is in fact a difference between desktop virtualisation and virtual desktop infrastructure.

Technically speaking, desktop virtualisation refers to the process of virtualising the desktop operating system – whereas VDI is the platform that delivers technology that allows users to access a familiar desktop, complete with applications and files, that’s actually hosted in the cloud.

Desktop virtualisation, allows users to have the same desktop experience whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the move, and allows administrators to control network services centrally.

At VESK, we can help with both of these technologies, ensuring you get a solution that meets your business needs. You can talk to one of our technical experts for  a complementary consultation based on your requirements:


What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

Moving to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can benefit your organisation in a number of critical ways. Key benefits include:

Reduced Hardware Costs

Servers are expensive, and need to be maintained and upgraded regularly. By moving your desktop environment into the cloud, the need for this costly hardware is eliminated. Read more.

Reduced Staffing Costs

With a virtual desktop infrastructure, you won’t need as many staff in your IT department, and we offer 24/7 support as standard. Read more.

Improved Resilience

If you operate from an office with a room full of servers, the impact of something like a flood or a robbery could be disastrous. With our datacentre servers, however, this risk is eliminated. Read more.

Improved Flexibility

Businesses and other organisations grow and shift in unpredictable ways. Virtual desktop infrastructure is, by nature, entirely flexible and scalable, helping improve agility and minimise waste. Read more.

Anywhere, Any time, Any Device

Remote working is here to stay. Employers that give their staff more flexibility can attract the best talent, and enjoy a happier, more productive workforce. With a VESK VDI, users can work seamlessly from home, from overseas, and whilst travelling. We support all major internet-enabled devices, including Windows PCs and laptops, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and almost any smartphone. Read more.

Trial a demo virtual desktop to see the benefits for yourself: