How VESK Works

A VESK virtual desktop looks and feels the same as your normal desktop that you are using now, so there is nothing new to learn.  Take the example of a Windows 7 desktop; your VESK desktop looks the same with your familiar programs, emails and data installed on the desktop…

The only difference is that instead of the desktop being stored on the hard disk of the computer below your desk, it’s stored in one of the highly secure VESK datacentres.

The best way to find out how VESK works is to trial a demo account live-demo-button 

Through a process called desktop virtualisation, VESK build virtual desktops in the datacentre and stream them to your local computer.  We manage these desktops to ensure they are always available and that they look and feel exactly the same as your traditional, local Windows desktop.

Once your programs, data and emails are stored in the cloud, that’s when the power of cloud computing takes effect:

  • Access your virtual desktop from anywhere in the world and on any device
  • Run ALL of your third party software programs in the cloud
  • Reduce your overall IT costs
  • Remove the need for onsite servers and server upgrades
  • Reduce the amount of IT support you require, if any
  • No more Microsoft Office, Email, anti-virus or backup license fees to pay
  • Remain constantly up to date with all the latest software updates included for free
  • Move office or scale your business to any size without effort or investment in IT
  • Increase your security and improve business continuity
  • Use thin clients instead of PC’s reducing IT management and your carbon footprint
  • One single, centrally managed IT system to operate

Traditionally, to keep up with standard business requirements companies needed to implement a myriad of different IT systems such as Microsoft Exchange for emails, application servers, file servers, Blackberry servers, anti-virus/spam and manage responsibilities such as IT support, security, offsite backup, desktop management, server upgrades and much more.

VESK is a secure platform to host all of your business applications, documents and emails accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Expolore the VESK Datacentres

Virtual Desktops are gaining traction and replacing the traditional IT model of on premise servers and IT support.  Now (as of August 2012) 72% of businesses are running at least some of their IT in the cloud and 24% of desktops across the UK are now hosted desktops.  These figures are set to rise year on year.