Bandwidth Requirement

The question we are often asked is “How much bandwidth do I require to run VESK ?”.

VESK supports full HDX (High Definition eXperience) video streaming through all virtual desktops.  Therefore we recommend each user has 250kbps of bandwidth allocated at any one time.  Therefore 10 users would require 2,500kbps or 2.5mbps.

The below diagram is assumptive but can be used to give an idea of both the bandwidth and Internet connection type required depending on the number of staff in your organisation:


This bandwidth allocation will ensure a fast, smooth and lag-free VESK virtual desktop experience.  250kbps is sufficient to stream full video content plus all standard day-to-day office functions such as; opening large documents, printing and high resolution web browsing.

An important factor when considering bandwidth is concurrency.  It’s quite unlikely that all staff in an office will be viewing High Definition media concurrently, therefore bandwidth requirements can be reduced, although VESK still recommend 250kbps per user for normal desktop access.


A further consideration is “What type of Internet connection do I require ?”.

ADSL in major towns and cities is sufficient for micro SME businesses.  Micro businesses can normally cope if there is loss of connectivity to the Internet, usually by accessing VESK via 3G, for example tethering their iPhone to their laptop and accessing VESK.

For larger organisations, we recommend leased lines or MPLS networks with direct low-latency connections directly into one of the VESK datacentres.

VESK can provide Internet connectivity directly through one of our trusted partners, please email us for a quotation;