Migrations In Detail

How we manage migrations

The key to a successful migration is the attention to detail in the planning stages and rigorous testing of the POC; proof of concept.

VESK ensure little to zero downtime is experienced during the migration phase, no matter how many users we are migrating.

Data migration

It’s not as complicated as you might think. We migrate your data:

  • company shared network drives
  • user desktops and my documents

Email migration

We then migrate your entire exchange (or other mail server) using our own exchange migration tool:

  • all user mailboxes
  • all user contacts
  • all user calendars
  • all shared folders

Application migration

We migrate all of your software applications, this involves one of the following methods:

  • installing the software from scratch with/without the help of your software vendor
  • P2V, physical to virtual snapshot (copy) of your existing application server
  • V2V, virtual to virtual snapshot (copy) of your existing Citrix, VMWare or Microsoft virtual machines

After the applications have been successfully installed and tested, we then migrate the backend database which involves:

  • exporting / importing database tables (SQL, Oracle, SAP etc)
  • re-applying stored functions and procedures
  • re-applying database patches and 3rd party updates

Many it managers and business owners find it difficult to conceptualise the above process; migrating their applications into the cloud. If an application was installed in the first place, with modern-day migration tools, it’s actually simpler to install the application the second time round. To date, VESK has been successful with every application migration, working on complex Unix-based Oracle databases including query functions and procedures built over a number of years. We help simplify this process with our internal migration team, application specialists and senior project managers.

Migration document

We require you to complete a pre-migration questionnaire confirming:

  • operating system, Office and web browser versions
  • licensing requirements, if any
  • applications to be migrated
  • current internet and bandwidth details
  • owner of domain and credentials to forward MX records

Project plan

We write a detailed project plan to illustrate:

  • time lines
  • deliverables
  • who carries out each task and which party (Paul Smith from VESK, EDC or software vendor)

Data migration

Most of the migration can be carried out remotely, with data synchronisation between your site and VESK commencing weeks before the “Go Live” date:

  • DFS file replication to migrate data, ensuring file structure and permissions are maintained
  • AD replication to ensure all users are copied without error
  • Exchange migration tool to ensure all user mailboxes and company mail is transferred successfully
  • applications are migrated specifically during the migration weekend and not before