Neighbourhood Midwives


Neighbourhood Midwives implement VESK

As a CQC regulated Health Care Provider, Neighbourhood Midwives recognised the intrinsic need for data security.

The physical security of patient records, along with all other data sources pertinent to the running of a Corporate entity was a paramount concern. This would be a tall order for any established business, but was particularly pressing to a new start up entity who could not afford to get it wrong from the outset

What did Neighbourhood Midwives want?

• Secure Infrastructure and Data provision within a Tier 3 Data Centre in the UK
• Network Redundancy across the Infrastructure within the Tier 3 Data Centre
• Disaster Recovery provision in a separate Data Centre
• Private Cloud Hosted Desktop for all users (Mac/Windows)
• Secure access to Data/Network Resources via Active Directory
• Industry accredited support staff to configure and delivery the network
• Concise processes for subsequent changes/support requests

When questioned about the reasons for choosing VESK, Steve Hayden, Neighbourhood Midwives IT Director explains;

“Having established the requirement, it soon became apparent that the cost implications of providing the service in-house were going to be prohibitive. There would simply be no way a new start up would find the investment required to meet all of these needs. It was therefore agreed that a company offering an innovative service should be making use of innovative and emerging technologies, learning from the mistakes and bad practices inherent within the industry and tackling them.

The decision was reached to set up our Corporate HQ in the Cloud. It made absolute sense, a Nationwide network of Midwives all connecting via SSL/Citrix Receiver into a Hosted Desktop within a cloud based Corporate Hub – with Full Microsoft Office, Email, Network Shares, Document Management and 3rd party applications.

This approach allowed our BYOD policy to be integrated into the delivery process, with our established users making use of their Macs/Windows Laptops with security maintained at the Network Boundary.

Active Directory would be used for the control of two-way data access. Not only could we control access to data within the Hosted Desktop environment, but we were also able to control the local drives/network shares which were being displayed at the point of authentication to the domain. Thus adding an additional level of security/data control.

Our needs were extensive, they seemed beyond our comprehension at times, but it was *everyday* stuff to the team at VESK. The team *simply got it*, they understood that this was more than just a business and that it represented the dreams and aspirations of some inspirational people with a vision to provide a better service to *all* women.

Neighbourhood Midwives is all about *choice* – The opportunity to allow birthing women to make a *choice* about where they have their babies and with whom they have their babies.

VESK took away the corporate IT worries and delivered a solution that allowed our team to get on and realise the dream.”

Eleanor May-Johnson – Founder

The VESK Team commented;

VESK were delighted to be involved with a group of such devoted and passionate individuals- who are essentially helping to bring the future generation into the world.

NM required a VESK dedicated implementation, normally only available to far larger organisations, i.e. separated from our multi-tenanted environment, but through our endeavours we were able to meet their requirements and overcome the challenges this involved.

We look forward to a long and successful partnership with NM, we know we can fulfil any future undertakings they may require as their enterprise grows from strength to strength.