Public Sector Cloud

By 2015, half of the all new UK public sector ICT spending will be on public cloud services. Central and local UK government services are successfully procuring cloud solutions for themselves and VESK as always, is there to offer public sector cloud computing solutions. In fact, VESK is a part of G-Cloud and G-Cloud II.

Advantages of cloud computing in public sector are known to most of the organisations now. They include, but are not limited to,

  • Less cost
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Environment friendly IT
  • Compliance to Coco, GSX and the PSN
  • Future proof IT solutions

Staff TUPE

Understanding and helping with the staff TUPE is another major factor in public sector cloud service deployment. Many IT staff sees cloud solutions eating up their role in the organization. The role is only changing as the smart IT people might have already figured out. They must have noticed the increased productivity from the implementation of public cloud.  Instead of making calls on what server and hardware to use in the organization, they now need to decide on which are the services that they need to procure for the organization. Which are those tools which will increase productivity and efficiency of the employees and also facilitate a better output for the organization. They need to make lives easier, for all the employees of the organization.

IT managers have to learn and adapt to this public cloud computing infrastructure and make business decisions, a move which will enhance their values in the organization. They are required to evaluate newer cloud computing solutions and offer the organization ways which will lead to a better productivity.


” The Department for Business Innovation & Skills requested virtual desktops and application delivery via VESK’s G-Cloud offering. The services are as described on the G-Cloud website,  have been easy and cost effective to setup, support has been fast and efficient, and requests for changes have taken hours rather than weeks. Its exactly what is expected of a cloud based service.”
Andrew Wood, The Department for Business Innovation & Skills