How to Select Best Cloud Computing Providers?

Cloud Computing

In a world free of viruses, malware, and cyber threats, it becomes highly important to save your data, applications, and other crucial software and programs from getting compromised. Cloud computing is one of the most preferred and well-know options that most of the businesses and corporate firms are adopting to ensure optimal safety of their data, records, and documents.


While selecting a cloud, you may come across two options: namely cloud computing public sector, and cloud computing private sector. Both of the options have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the matter of concern in this article is what makes you decide and pick the best services that most of the cloud computing providers are offering.


1. Service Provider is From Which Domain?


One of the crucial things that you must stress on while selecting the best cloud computing providers is that in which domain does the provider works and what are its plans? Since the cloud platform is segmented into three major types: public, private and hybrid, it is quite important to know about the functional domain of the provider to select the best platform for saving your crucial data and applications.


2. Seek Details About Pricing Structure


Ideally, you should only pay for what you use, but most of the service provides have fixed plans to cater your business requirements and needs. Asking about their pricing structure and quotations can help you compare services of all the cloud hosting providers with ease and select the best one with maximum space, features, and functionalities, but at a lesser price.


3. Enquire About Cloud’s Security


Since cloud computing public sector is considered more safe and secured than that of private sector clouds, you must check the security features your cloud hosting provider is offering to ensure optimal safety of your stuff that is planned to be hosted on the cloud.