VOIP Advantage for Business Owners

VOIP service providers

VOIP services have almost replaced long distance telephony, especially the international calls. Think of it, wouldn’t you use Skype to call your friend in another country than to call him at his number at extravagant costs? Skype, however, isn’t the way to go if it is a business call.


VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is dirt cheap. You can find providers who offer calls starting from $0.01 per second. How is this cheap? Because VOIP uses the existing internet network and transmits your voice over that. It is much like calling in Skype, but in VOIP you can call any regular number. Technically, you can do it in Skype as well but you need to use the paid Skype, named Skype Out.


From a business owner’s perspective, VOIP is great if you have set up your customer service centre abroad, in cheaper countries like India or Philippines. You can provide a local number (or even a toll-free number) to your customers but when they dial it, they automatically get redirected to the customer care service located in India. They wouldn’t even realise this and you won’t pay much because you are using VOIP to transfer this call to your overseas customer service centre. This is why VOIP is so popular among business owners.


Now, coming to the affordability, there are numbers of VOIP service providers in the world and as this service doesn’t need a physical presence, you can actually purchase the service form a provider from anywhere in the world. You can purchase it from VESK of course, as we have been rated the most preferred VOIP service provider in the UK by our customers. We have unbeatable rates and our round the clock support people make us available for you anytime you might need some assistance.