VR- Virtual Reality showdown

VR, Virtual Reality Showdown


VR Showdown ! I tested all of the latest Virtual Reality headsets at the 2016 MWC. Samsung Gear Oculus Rift Vs HTC Vive Vs Nokia VR Ozo.


Hi my name is James Mackie and I’m here to give you a run down of all the latest VR headsets.


Last month I was at the Mobile World Congress with Zuckerberg as a Keynote speaker and there I was able to test all of the latest kit.


The purpose of this vlog is to give you a running commentary and to show you my actual expressions after demonstrating all of the latest VR headsets


This is the Samsung Gear powered by Oculus. Facebook partnered with Samsung because Samsung could manufacture the parts more cost effectively. The end result is the hardware from Samsung and the software from Oculus.

Here we sit in the Samsung Gear theatre and we trial a roller coaster (theme park) ride in virtual reality.
Now onto the HTC Vive, as you can see I have two wireless controllers. There are three cameras above me that are locating where the wireless controllers are and where the headset is. So I can create anything I like, here I type VESK the name of my IT company. And as you can see I can create my own world, the difference between this and the Oculus is that HTC Vive is appealing far more to the gamers and the creatives / artists.

The Oculus you would use a 360 camera to record video of real-life footage and then convert it to 3D. Whereas the HTC Vive is either pre-programmed or programmed by you, so you can walk around in 3D space and not just the 3D space that is being recorded. I have to say the immersiveness of this is incredible, you can play on this for hours in this crisp, elusive and immersive world. The quality of what you create is incredibly clear, it feels like you’re standing in space, drawing pictures looking out into the obis. I literally didn’t want to stop using the HTC Vive. Boredom is over / dead.


That was soooo good, so realistic and really immersive.


So from 3D art curation to HTC Vive VR gaming. Here I play one of the latest HTC Vive games using two joysticks, very controllable.


LG VR headset. Not very good.


This is Nokia’s VR headset. This one really surprised me as I hadn’t heard of it before.


This one REALLY surprised me as I hadn’t heard of it before.
It costs 60,000 Euros for each Nokia Ozo headset and camera ! WAY more expensive than any of the other VR head kits.
I was given 3 videos to watch, the final video put me in the centre of a circus with a lady pulling me closer and closer to her via a rope.
The closer I got to her, the more detail I could see in her face.
The 3D sound added further to the experience.
When I finally came face to face with the performer, she stared at me in the eyes for 2-3 seconds, and I must say, it was one of the best VR experiences I’ve had.
The lady felt so close to me, it was very surreal.

I tried over 20 different VR headsets at the MWC, and the top 3 as you might have guessed came in very close and all have their own strong points. In no particular order;

1. The Samsung Gear + Oculus
The best for immersive theatre.
We went on a fairground ride, you really lose your stomach. The staff ask you to hold up your hands and you really don’t want to because you think you’re going to fall off. That gives you an idea of how real this actually feels.


2. The HTC Vive
The best for gaming and creativity of your own VR world.
The demonstration I was given on HTC Vive allowed me to form and create my own shapes and art work. Everything is so fun, so real, so clear.


I had SO much fun playing around with this, the possibilities are endless but the enjoyment I got from forming shapes and spaces around me makes me extremely excited for the future.


3. The Nokia VR Ozo
Very expensive. In terms of clarity in close range, it was unbelievable. Just as good if not better than the Oculus.
The best at close-up real 3D. Microsoft Nokia is now a serious contender in this division.


All of the other VR headsets paled into insignificance and you can imagine with Samsung, Facebook, HTC and Nokia Microsoft behind VR, things are going to get very interesting over the next few years.


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